Get to know the beautiful stories behind the products!

Shlomo Keshet

The beginning of Adva Soap began long before soap was ever a thought in Shlomo Keshets mind. It started when he and his wife, Na’ami welcomed their 4th born son into the world. Elnatan was born with Down’s Syndrome into a family of six boys. As Elnatan grew, Shlomo understood his responsibility as a father to give his sons, especially Elnatan the ability to sow into the Land and the communities of Israel...

Omer and Na'ama Atidya

The story of Einot Kedem begins in 2004, when Omer and Na'ama moved to the Jordan valley with nothing but a tractor, a horse and lots of love and dedication. They settled in Yitav, a small farming community just north of Jericho and...

Baruch & Shimrit Feuchtwanger

Baruch is no stranger to the secrets of beekeeping. For over 50 years his family has been involved with beekeeping in the Land of Israel. As a young man Baruch used to work with his father at the hives during his vacation. This bred his love for beekeeping and he later decided to establish a boutique Bee honey factory in the settlement of Negohot located just outside the city of Hebron.

Jo Zander

Jo Zander came to the Land of Israel in 2003, He began his journey by working in some restaurants but never really found his footing in the restaurant world. Going back as long as he could remember, Jo had always wanted to get into chocolate. His family had been bakers for four generations and as a young child he had worked in his fathers bakery, giving him his love for baking and specifically for chocolate...

David Ross

Shalva Tea was founded in 2014 by David Ross. While earning his Masters Degree in Forestry from Yale University, where he focused on rain forest conservation in the tropics, David took a U-turn and decided to travel to Israel after the devastating Mt. Carmel wildfires of 2010. There he spent a summer researching the causes and potential solutions to these kinds of fires, including how letting the land naturally regenerate will allow for a more healthy plant diversity and ultimately safer forests...

Sarah Feld

Sarah Feld moved to Israel from New Jersey in 1981. She has lived in Jerusalem and Beit El, and now lives in the community of Kiryat Arba located on the outskirts of Hebron. The holy site of Hebron—where the Patriarchs are buried—is just a few minutes from Sarah's home and provides her with a source of inspiration for her work.

Baruch & Batya Erdstein

Batya and Baruch met in Jerusalem. He was from Michigan, She was from San Diego, California. It was a match made in heaven and now some 20 years later, along with 6 children, many stories, and much hard-work, they are living in the beautiful settlement of Itamar. Baruch is a musician and tour-guide while his wife Batya works creating ceramics...

Shimon & Sarah Barda

Itamar Cosmetics was founded in 1994 with a vision to return  to the roots, and produce perfumes and natural cosmetics. In those days it was a revolutionary idea and scholars and experts believed that the manual production and natural cosmetic preservative, no aluminum, and no color is not perfect either, and certainly not economic. Yet they did it - they collected thousands of plants, established a laboratory, and began producing perfumes.  Shimon was trained in France to make perfumes and cosmetics, and brought his knowledge all the way to the hills of Itamar...

Amir Kitron, PhD

Amir has a passion for bringing you the wonderful properties of Israeli herbs and Dead Sea minerals. In the community of Carmel, Judea, he makes amazing cosmetics, teas, and more!