Baruch and Shimrit's Story

Baruch is no stranger to the secrets of Beekeeping. For over 50 years his family has been involved with beekeeping in the Land of Israel. As a young man Baruch used to work with his father during his summer vacations. This bred his love for beekeeping and he later decided to establish a boutique Bee honey factory in the settlement of Negohot located just outside the city of Hebron.

Today, Negohot has hundreds of hives that are stationed most of the time in the Lachish region, and migrate according to the seasons of the year for pollination tasks in agricultural crops throughout the country, from the Jezreel Valley to the Arava. The number of hives has grown from year to year, but their principles remain the same - 100% pure honey, without any additives and without heating, creating a product they are proud to stand behind, uncompromisingly professional and with great respect for the natural processes that thrive in the hive.

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