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Baruch & Batyas Story

Batya and Baruch met in Jerusalem. He was from Michigan, She was from San  Diego, California. It was a match made in heaven and now some 20  years later, along with 6 children, many stories, and much hard-work, they  are living on the hilltops in the beautiful  settlement of Itamar. Baruch is a musician and tour-guide and his wife Batya works creating ceramics.








Before moving to Itamar they had lived in the Galilee in the city of Tzfat, a very musical, artistic, spiritual hub in Israel. This is where their love for the spiritual side of the land was grown and developed. Coming from a very secular background both of them found the faith of their fathers raising their family in a Godly atmosphere.

But they knew something was missing, and they wanted to be part of it. It was the physical reality of the Land coming back to life. In 2014, the Erdstein family made the decision to go back to the land of the Patriarchs, to strengthen and forge the communities in Judea and Samaria. Batya had her ceramics studio built in the hills of Itamar believing that God would be faithful as she was faithful in coming back to the Land. She has given her life in creating quality, handmade ceramics with beautiful art and style.

Last year we had the opportunity to visit with them and they told us how even Israelis boycott their goods and how much it means when we stand in support in friendship and by buying their products. Whenever we see these amazing pieces of art, they always remind us of the pioneering hands that are working for the restoration of Israel. We hope these amazing, exceptional, hand-fashioned ceramics will make you think of the hard working pioneers in the Land as you support this beautiful family in the Heart of Judea and Samaria.

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