Einot Kedem - The Atidya Family


The story of Einot Kedem begins in 2004, when Omer and Na'ama moved to the Jordan valley with nothing but a tractor, a horse and lots of love and dedication. They settled in the desert near just north of Jericho and began working the land. Now, 19 years later, their love and dedication has resulted in seven children, and a thriving farm that produces the most wonderful products!

Their journey began with a desire to be close to nature, and visions to be like the early Zionist pioneers—turning the deserts into a flourishing paradise. The community they've built is now a beautiful oasis, a growing emerald island in a shrinking wilderness. They are big on hospitality too—hosting youth to volunteer and connect to nature, tours, and many other opportunities.

The olive harvest underway!

The Atidya family stays busy, in addition to producing their award winning organic olive oil, they have a mango plantation and date palm grove. They also have a herd of sheep, raised for meat. They are passionate about everything they do, and we are privileged to offer you their awesome extra virgin olive oil!