Shimon's Story

Itamar Cosmetics was founded in 1994 with a vision to return  to the roots, and produce perfumes and natural cosmetics. In  those days it was a revolutionary idea and scholars and experts  believed that the manual production and natural cosmetic  preservative, no aluminum, and no color is not perfect either,  and certainly not economic. Yet they did it - they have  investigated and collected thousands of plants, they have  established a sophisticated laboratory, and began producing perfumes. After receiving  the warm responses of  the first core customers (who are still with them to this day), they began producing deodorants and lotions. Today they make a wide range of natural products, handmade high quality international level and of course without chemicals. Their oils are produced in cold press, mostly organic and marketing is done directly to customers, without advertising which keeps prices as low as possible.

Shimon was trained in France to make perfumes and cosmetics, and brought his knowledge all the way to the hills of Itamar, a settlement in Samaria (Israel) known for its pioneering spirit and natural way of life. He and his wife Sarah raised their family there and now have a total of 22 grandchildren all over Israel.

When he started, his vision was to create products as was done thousands of years ago, through fine innovative craftsmanship with all-natural cosmetic preservatives, no aluminum, no color or other harmful ingredients. Many “experts” told Shimon it would be impossible to obtain this natural quality, yet through persistence and hard work he overcame all obstacles and has created an extraordinary line of products. Today, he has expanded his company to include not only perfumes but also deodorants, lotions, shampoos, and creams; all through high quality, handmade, natural production.

When we were in Israel, Shimon told us his dream of finding all the spices for the Temple incense and his desire to see the Temple, a House of prayer for all nations in Jerusalem. We are proud to present Shimon’s products to you along with his beautiful family, his dreams, and a way to support this pioneering soul.  

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