The Yahalom Family

Moshe and Tehilah Yahalom and their family are longtime residents of the city of Hebron. They have dedicated their lives to the restoration of the Land of Israel, in this part of Israel that involves many challenges.

Hebron is home to the burial cave of the patriarchs and matriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebekah and Leah. Jews have lived here continuously for thousands of years, with only a brief respite, following the massacre of 1929 and subsequent occupation by Jordan. Today, around 800 Jews live inside Hebron, surrounded by tens of thousands of Arabs. Hebron is the second holiest city to Jews, after Jerusalem, and though life here can often be challenging, many of Jews, like the Yahalom Family, are passionate about bringing beauty and restoration.

The Yahaloms are truly connected to the ancient way of life. They grind their own flour, press their own olive oil, make their own wine, just like the Jews of Hebron 2000 years ago. When Arabs vandalized their vineyard in Hebron a few years ago, uprooting and cutting vines and damaging irrigation, Moshe did not hesitate to replant and repair the damage, refusing to be deterred in the good work of bringing new life from the Land.

Hebron, with the cave of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs structure in the middle

We are privileged to offer you the Yahalom family’s organic flour! Hemdat Avot (The Fathers’ Delights) is a wonderful product, with meticulous care shown at each stage of the production process to give you the very best of the Land of Israel!

The Yahalom family has also dedicated time and resources to restoring the tomb site of Ruth and Jesse, who are also buried in Hebron. A few years ago, the place was run down, except for a few faithful who would go there regularly to pray. Now, it has been transformed into a beautiful gathering place, where people can visit, pray, and have quiet time right near the memorial of two greats in biblical history: Jesse and Ruth.

We are so excited to give you the opportunity to invest in this beautiful mission of rebuilding Jewish heritage in the heartland of Israel!

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