Shlomo Keshet's Story

The beginning of ADVA Soaps, formerly known as Saboneto, began long before soap was ever a thought in Shlomo Keshet's mind. It started when he and his wife, Na’ami, welcomed their 4th born son into the world. Elnatan was born with Down Syndrome into a family of six boys. As Elnatan grew, Shlomo understood his responsibility as a father to give his sons, especially Elnatan, the ability to sow into the Land and communities of Israel.

For many years, Shlomo worked as a manager at an Olive Oil company where his passion for the nature and soil of Israel increased. Combining his passion for olive oil and his love of the land of Israel, Shlomo became inspired to plant his own olive grove in the hills of Benjamin. After his first olive harvest, Shlomo came upon the idea of creating handmade, natural, and healthy soaps. What began as more of a hobby has blossomed and today has become a beautiful family business.

Shlomo continued his experimenting with all-natural soaps; developing formulas, expanding his workplace, and collecting natural growing herbs from the surrounding hills of Benjamin. All of the soaps that come from ADVA are handmade and Shlomo exclusively uses all-natural ingredients in the making of these amazing and rejuvenating soaps.

Today Shlomo’s business has grown to be a small factory nestled in the hills of Kochav HaShachar (The Morning Star), the beautiful community where he and his family made their home. Elnatan works in the factory alongside his father, where he helps stamp, label, wrap, and ship these precious handmade soaps produced with love from the hills of Benjamin.

We talked with Shlomo about his work and his vision looking toward the future. He told us that his goal is to employ as many handicapped people from Judea and Samaria as possible. He currently has 2 other special needs people working for him and he wants to expand to be able to include many more, giving everyone in Israel a way to work towards the restoration of the Land. This is truly a worthy mission, and we are inviting you to come on board to help establish this incredible, exciting vision and experience top quality, natural, organic soaps from the heartland of Israel in your home.

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