Sarah Feld

 Sarah Feld moved to Israel from New Jersey in 1981. She has lived in Jerusalem and Beit El, and now lives in the community of Kiryat Arba located on the outskirts of Hebron. The holy site of Hebron—where the Patriarchs are buried—is just a few minutes from Sarah's home and provides her with a source of inspiration for her work.

Sarah has five children, and many grandchildren. Her husband is Gyora is a Sabra (a native Israeli) and does much work in the planting of trees and vineyards in Judea and Samaria. He also makes amazing wine!

In 2012, Sarah met Tamar Silverstein. Tamar's expertise is creating stunning pieces of jewelry from silver. Since 2012 they have worked together on Sarah’s designs. Through her jewelry Sarah tries to express love and faith in God, in Israel and in the Jewish people. Through her work she seeks to bring the redemption a little bit closer. In her own words:

I have been blessed to be able to express my creativity in diverse forms. As a doula, empowering women in birth. As a poetess, reaching for Higher dimensions expressing my love for this Good Land and contemplating life’s complexities. As a designer of jewelry, trying to merge beauty and meaning. And especially as a mom and grandmother. With thanks to God for all the kindness He has shown me.

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