Amir Kitron and Herbs of Kedem

Dr. Amir Kitron has worked hard to create products from the herbs and minerals of Israel

We are excited to begin offering you the incredible herbal-based products of Kedem! Pioneered by Dr. Amir Kitron, Kedem strives for excellence, using no animal ingredients, and those derived only from organically grown plants.

In a factory near Hebron, Amir, who has a PhD in chemical and biological engineering , works to formulate natural products that will bring health and beauty to the body. The Judean Hills, where he works, are brimming with life—herbs that have been treasured for millennia for their medicinal properties. And it’s not just the herbs that make Kedem products exceptional. Just a little further south, and 1000 meters lower, the Dea Sea provides a wealth of minerals with myriads of health benefits.

Psalm 51:7 Cleanse me with hyssop, and I will be clean

Amir believes strongly in the body’s ability to heal itself, and the replacement of common medications and synthetic beauty products with high-quality natural solutions. Last September we visited the Kedem facility in the beautiful community of Carmel. Beautiful sights and smells immediately greet the senses as you approach the building. Kedem is surrounded by an herb garden filled with many of the herbs that go into their products. Small, well-placed signs highlight the benefits of each.

The Judean hills are filled with an abundance of powerful herbs

Stepping into the factory, one witnesses a well-oiled machine and we received an intriguing presentation from Dr. Amir about their story and the process of harnessing nature’s healing properties. We saw the different stages of the process, from the science and research behind Kedem, to the herb distillation for essential oils, all the way to product packaging. Everything is highly professional and the effort shows in the quality of their products.

Kedem produces a range of products to promote whole-body wellness, from face creams to detox teas. The formula for each product is carefully researched and tested to bring you the maximum benefit of Israel’s diverse natural landscape!

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