Turning the deserts into gardens!

Stifling heat, parched ground, and an arid climate… sound like the perfect spot for farming? Well, that’s what our friends Eyal and Ran thought, when Ran first went to the Jordan Valley in 2002. The climate of the Jordan, though potentially a hard place to farm for some, is the chosen place to grow some of the best Organic Dates in the world! The desert of the Jordan valley, is in reality becoming a most beautiful oasis of agriculture due to the strenuous labor and ingenuity of Israeli farmers in the region.

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Shipment of Date Silan

With a pallet of Date Honey (Silan) about to be shipped to the US.

It’s amazing to visit and see the difference between the Israeli and Jordanian borders. On the one side, fruit and vegetables thrive, the other side however, remains mostly bare, with a smattering of farms here and there. This is the area where Yochanan HaMatbil/John the Baptizer proclaimed, “Bear fruits worthy of repentance” (Matthew 3:8), this place is exactly where returning Jews are planting fruit, demonstrating their return to God and His land, even after centuries of exile.

Sunrise over Medjool Dates at Livingood Farms in the Jordan Valley (Photo: Livingood Farms)

The fruit of the land is proof that God is faithful to His promises, just as he declared through the prophet Jeremiah: “Behold, I will bring to [Jerusalem] health and healing, and I will heal them and reveal to them abundance of prosperity and security. I will restore the fortunes of Judah and the fortunes of Israel, and rebuild them as they were at first.”

It’s happening in our time, through the hard work, sweat and tears of our Israeli friends, who are faithfully fulfilling the promises of God through their labor of love. Will you join them in restoring the land of Israel?

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Sharri Sherwood

Sharri Sherwood

February 17, 2022

These breathtaking photos, coupled with Samuel’s appealing introduction of the Livingoods, will make anyone desire this breathtaking sweet treat! Few places on the planet are conducive to growing dates, and their succulent syrup, and this is definitely the premier place!

Julian Weiss

Julian Weiss

February 04, 2022


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