Some delicious holiday recommendations for the season

It’s a wonderful time of year, with the opportunity to make some great memories indoors as the cold weather moves in (please keep reading even if you’re fortunate enough to live in the warm Southern US). We thought it would be fun to come up with some ideas on how you can make the end of your year—and the beginning of next—special with products from Judea and Samaria! Share the goodness of the Land of Israel at your next party!

Stay Warm and Cozy with Shalva

Now’s a great season to revamp your cupboards with some great herbal tea blends, and coffee from Israel. David Ross has a great lineup of seven teas to fit any occasion. From the harmonizing Jerusalem Hibiscus-Lemongrass, to the rejuvenating Carmel Forest Hyssop-Rosemary, you’re sure to find a tea to fit your taste and mood. And they’re even great as iced tea!

Shalva Tea gets its name from the Hebrew word meaning peace or tranquility. It’s used in Psalm 122 speaking of Jerusalem: “May peace be within your walls, and prosperity in your palaces.”

Shalva Turkish Coffee Spiced Blend

Many of you, though, need the opposite of a calming cup of tea to feel at ease, and that’s why we have Shalva Coffee! Start your morning right with a cup of Shalva Spiced Turkish Coffee. No, it’s not from Turkey—the name refers to the style of very finely ground coffee, which allows it to be brewed very quickly and easily. Shalva Coffee is made of fresh beans roasted and ground in Jerusalem. We offer two kinds: One classic, and the other spiced with a bit of cardamom! Both great options to kick things into gear.

You're not complete without the sweet!

Sweeten up your recipes with honey! Honey is an excellent sugar substitute and raw, unfiltered honey from Israel takes it to the next level. Again we have some choices. Will you have the balanced Wildflower or the sweet Eucalyptus blossom? Or how about the rich dark Avocado blossom. If you like something light, try the Citrus blossom!

Good Honeys

Four delicious honey varieties for you to choose from!

In short, the Feuchtvanger family from Negohot, Judea, offer a number of wonderful honeys for you to enjoy the sweetness of the Promised Land! There are so many ways honey can be incorporated into your kitchen. Put a spoonful in the Shalva Tea you just bought. :) Add it to salad dressings, sauces for chicken, or spread it on toast—the possibilities are endless!

Can't beat this for a conversation starter!

When we started offering locusts last year, we saw it as a fun way to start conversations about Israel and biblical history. Love ‘em or hate ‘em we hope you will at least concede they are one of the more interesting items you’ve seen come from Israel. They’re also very nutritious: each of a locust’s six legs packs a powerful kick of protein. (The rest of the body does too, except for the wings which are virtually calorie-free!) These are sure to be an attention grabber wherever you bring them! Hop over to the locust shopping page »

Israel has the spices your food needs

Infuse some Israel into your holiday cooking! We have the spices your food has probably been asking for. Are you ready for an Off the Wall experience? These spices deliver. First up is the quintessential kingmaker of many Middle Eastern foods: Za’atar. It comes in a variety of different ingredients, but the foundation is usually hyssop, sumac, and sesame. Za’atar has a wide range of flavors which makes it a great fit for a great many dishes. Sprinkle on your dips, like hummus, and atop some roasted potatoes. I like to put it on my fried eggs and it’s great with roasted vegetables or as a meat seasoning. Find some right here »

Speaking of meat seasoning, we’ve got another heavyweight Middle Eastern spice for you to elevate your cooking! Those of you who have been to Israel have most likely had a Shawarma dish. Thin slices of meat (usually lamb, turkey or chicken) are seasoned and then placed on a vertical spit which slowly rotates as the meat cooks. As the outside surface of the mouthwatering shawarma cooks, it is shaved off—ready to be eaten. Often it’s put into a flatbread—pita or laffa—and combined with veggies and sauces like tahini and schug. Get started at this link »

Next up are the spices your rice can’t be complete without. The Israeli and Moroccan rice mixes are different combinations of peppers, lentils, onions, raisins and other spices that will really make your rice dish pop! Israel is home to a large number of Moroccan Jews and they make important contributions to the food scene.

Last up is the Jerusalem Salad Mix. It goes great in a lot of salads, but the real magic happens when you add it to Israeli salad—made of finely diced tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, and pepper.

And that wraps up our food product recommendations for the season. As you feast on the bounty of the Land of Israel, take an extra measure of joy in knowing that your purchases are an investment in the restoration of the Land!

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