Soap for the Soul—Bringing life to those in need!

Shlomo and his wife Na’ami were a young couple with three young boys and eagerly awaiting their fourth child. Little did they know that the Lord had a special gift for them that would radically change their lives. The change came as they welcomed their 4th born son into the world, another boy whom they named Elnatan אלנתן, which means “God’s Gift”.  

Elnatan was born with Down Syndrome, and Shlomo understood that as a father, God had given him and Na’ami a special calling, the opportunity to create a way for Elnatan and others with special needs, a way to sow into the Land of Israel and their communities.

As Elnatan prepared for his thirteenth birthday (bar mitzva – the age of manhood), Shlomo was working to create a way for him to be a productive part of the community. Shlomo set out to take what was one of his hobbies (making all natural organic soaps) and turning it into a wonderful family business venture. A business that would enable Elnatan and others with special needs to work and make a sustainable wage.

Shlomo, Na'ami & Elnatan!

Today Shlomo’s business has grown to be a small factory nestled in the hills of Kochav HaShachar (The Morning Star), where he and his family have their home. Elnatan and several others all work in the factory alongside his father, where they help stamp, label, wrap, and ship these precious handmade soaps produced with love from the hills of Benjamin.

For Shlomo, this has become his life’s work and he embraces the opportunity God has given him to sow life into the world. He continues experimenting with all-natural soaps; developing formulas, expanding his workplace, and collecting natural herbs from the surrounding hills of Benjamin.

These amazing and rejuvenating soaps are all handmade with love using all-natural and organic ingredients.  

Soap for the Soul – bringing life to those in need!

We hope you will decide to be part of this incredible story by purchasing ADVA Soaps for your family and friends!

Shlomo, Na'ami and their SIX wonderful sons!!!!

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Maristela Matinata

Maristela Matinata

December 25, 2022

Praise the Lord oh my soul! Praise the Lord! My heart loves all of you in the love of Jesus Christ, the One who sustain our living! I want to buy as much of your products from olive oil to soaps. Is there a list of products on your website?

Jodi Kutz

Jodi Kutz

November 16, 2022

Beautiful, fragrant and good to my skin. This is a great teacher thank you gift or anytime gift to have on hand for unexpected or forgotten bday- add it with a card and your friendship is saved- lol

Linda Kallfelz

Linda Kallfelz

November 16, 2022

Just ordered eight bars I can’t to use it every night to shower I feel I’m back in Israel the best giving it as Christmas gifts I will order more for Christmas thank you shalom

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