Restoring the Land of Milk and Date Honey!

Ran lives in Moshav Hamra, a small community in the Jordan valley, with his wife and two children. After finishing his IDF service in 2002, where he maintained Israel’s F-16 fighter aircraft, Ran started LivinGood Farms—an organic date farm in the Jordan Valley. Unlike most other date farms in the area he believed the process could be done organically, without any chemicals or spraying. Eyal Assulin, who had moved to Hamra in 2014, soon joined him, and the work quickly became a passion for both of them.

LivinGood Farm’s Vision and Goals

Ran and Eyal’s vision is to see the agricultural restoration of the Land through responsible and holistic farming, cultivating, and planting trees. They are continuing the good work of the first pioneers who began returning to Israel in great numbers in the late 19th century, and worked to renovate a land that was largely deserts and swamps.

Livingood Farm Date Palm Trees

Date Palm Trees at LivinGood Farms in the Jordan Valley

Another one of their goals is to give people the opportunity to see Israel as it is. All over the world, the news is painting a negative picture of Israel. LivinGood Farm brings volunteers to work with them, giving people a chance to experience the Land of Israel themselves and gain a firsthand perspective of what Israel is really like.

Located in the Jordan Valley, LivinGood Farms is in a beautiful and unique place.

Lying immediately next to Israel’s border with Jordan and only accessible to Israeli farmers, their farm is surrounded by nature and is a peaceful spot. The area is also rich in biblical history making it a truly special place to work in. In Genesis 13, Abraham and his nephew Lot separated. Lot chose to go to the Jordan after he, “looked around and saw that the whole plain of the Jordan… was well watered, like the Garden of the Lord.”

As one of the only organic farms in Israel, LivinGood is also dedicated to producing 100% organic dates. Although running an organic farm is more challenging, Ran and Eyal are committed to producing products from Israel that are untouched by any unnatural processes. They believe in doing everything possible to protect the land around them as they bring it to new life.

About five years ago, we began working with them to export their date honey (“Silan” in Hebrew) to the United States. They have created an outstanding product, which is 100% all-natural, organic, and contains no added sugars or additives. Date Syrup has become extremely popular in recent years and is a healthy alternative to sugar and corn syrups. It can be used for baking, cooking, or as a substitute for any other sweetener.

Organic dates - nothing else

Absolutely the best tasting sweetener I have tasted. Use anyway that you normally use honey. Delicious even by itself. ~ Harold H.

A Land flowing with Milk and Honey

Throughout the Bible, the Promised Land is repeatedly called, "a land flowing with milk and honey.” But what is the honey spoken of in the Bible?

According to many Rabbis and biblical scholars, the honey which is mentioned throughout the Bible is often a reference not to bee honey, but rather to fruit nectar, specifically date honey.

Israeli Date Honey Silan

Organic Date Honey

Date honey is also one of the seven species which the bible mentions to describe the beauty and fertility of the Land of Israel. God specifically connected these seven species to the Land of Israel, and they still play a major role in Israel today as they are traditionally eaten on Tu B'shvat, (the new year for trees), on Sukkot, and also on Shavuot, representing the restoration and bounty of the Land of Israel.

"A land of wheat, and barley, and vines, and fig trees, and pomegranates; a land of olive oil, and honey." — Deuteronomy 8:8

The Restoration of the Land of Israel

As God brings to pass the promised restoration of Israel, the seven species, which represent the fruitfulness of the Land, are flourishing! LivinGood Farms is helping in that restoration process. They have created an amazing and delicious organic date honey that allows people around the world to taste the work of restoration happening in Israel today.

"Look down from your holy habitation, from heaven, and bless your people Israel and the ground that you have given us, as you swore to our fathers, a land flowing with milk and honey." — Deuteronomy 26:15

Become part of the restoration happening in the Land, and taste the honey that God promised would flow throughout Israel!

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maurice medina

maurice medina

August 19, 2021

J espere qu on peut trouver cette merveille de miel dans les epiceries de Montreal (canada) Merci et Kol akavod !!!

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