The Feuchtwanger Family shares their sweetness with the world.

Sixteen years ago, 8,600 Jews were evicted from their homes in Gush Katif, in the Gaza strip. Over a period of around 35 years, the Jewish communities of Gush Katif had achieved tremendous success in agriculture, amounting to 15% of Israel’s total exports and 70% of their exported organic vegetables. All of that came crashing down when those communities were uprooted, and the residents were forced to relocate.

Among those forced from their homes was Baruch Feuchtwanger, a multi-generational beekeeper, along with his wife and their children. They moved to the community of Negohot, in Judea, and restarted their business of producing pure Israeli honey.

Baruch and his family have been beekeepers for generations.

Baruch is no stranger to the secrets of Beekeeping. For over 50 years his family has been involved with beekeeping in the Land of Israel. As a young man Baruch used to work with his father during his summer vacations. This stoked his love and passion for beekeeping and he later decided to establish his own boutique bee honey factory in the community of Negohot, located just outside the city of Hebron.

Baruch and Shimrit and their children

There, Baruch and his family began producing high-quality honey and slowly their business began to grow and expand as more and more people discovered their outstanding products.

Today, Negohot has hundreds of hives that are placed throughout Israel, and moved around the country in different crops as the seasons change. From the Jezreel Valley to the Arava, the hives are strategically placed to provide the best habitat for the bees and the best honey results. The number of hives has grown from year to year, but their principles remain the same - 100% pure, unfiltered Israeli honey, without any additives and without heating, creating a product they are proud to stand behind and share around the world.

“We are farmers at heart, living and breathing nature,” Baruch says, “and we are here to produce for you the purest and healthiest honey you can get.”

Negohot Honeys

We are excited to offer you four wonderful honeys!

We are pleased to offer you four Negohot honeys as well as their wonderful honey skincare set.

With a delicate lavender and geranium fragrance, this anti-aging skincare set is a unique development of the Negohot Bee farm that combines pure, unheated, honey with active herbal extracts, cold pressed oils and aromatic essential oils. This winning combination, which includes aloe vera, pure raw honey, lavender oil, sweet almond oil, pomegranate seed oil, and more, nourishes and revitalizes your skin giving it a fresh and radiant look and feel.

I love this product! This is the best skincare product I have used. My skin drinks in the wonderful goodness of the honey, oils, and other natural ingredients. ~ Lisa R. ★★★★★ 

Yaara Pure Honey Skincare Set

Ya'ara pure honey skincare set

Each of their exceptional honeys also feature a unique scent and flavor, from the thick textured Wildflower honey with its rich sweetness influenced by seasonal flowering, to the darker Avocado honey which showcases an amazingly smooth taste and a subtle hint of avocado. The Eucalyptus honey is very strong and sweet, and the Citrus honey is more mild, with a light citrus taste. Each one of these raw Israeli honeys is filled with incredible nutritional value and health benefits, and make a great addition to your tea, as a spread, or by the spoonful!

Negohot’s honey holds the distinction of being labeled "Israeli Quality Honey '' by the Israeli Honey Council and is sent to Germany every year for laboratory tests, where it excels in each category.

You will not find honey anywhere else that is as pure, tasty and unfiltered. ~ Sandra C. ★★★★★

The honey has also won many different awards, including 1st place in an annual food and culinary exhibition, and a gold medal in the wildflower honey category.

Baruch says their goal is to produce the best, pure, raw honey from Israel. "We are farmers. We have a farm for bees. Our emphasis is on producing pure, quality honey, without heating.”

Baruch tending to the bees

Baruch cares for his bees among Eucalyptus trees near Lachish.

During the coronavirus pandemic, as many other small businesses in Israel and around the world, Negohot faced huge challenges in keeping their business afloat. In March 2020, Israel closed its borders, shutting down a $6 billion a year tourism industry. In addition, many stores in Israel where Negohot honey is sold had to close their doors, leaving the Feuchtwangers with few places to sell their products.

The impact of people like you

In a newspaper article published on their site, Negohot said that as they were struggling to survive, a miracle happened when thousands of people came together to buy their honey, sustaining their business through the difficult time.

"We have learned that even when we are in the depths of the crisis, we need to know that we are really never alone, and to believe in the good that exists," Baruch told the newspaper about their experience over the last year.

When you buy Negohot honey products you are standing with the Feuchtwanger family, and strengthening the Jewish communities of Judea and Samaria. The Jews of Israel’s Heartland face intense pressure to give up their land: condemnation and sanctions from the international community, boycotts and terrorism. And yet they continue to build a better future in their homeland.

So not only do you get to enjoy wonderful products from the heartland of Israel, you are also investing in, and strengthening the families who make them, beautiful families like Baruch and Shimrit and their six children.

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Constance Suedbeck

Constance Suedbeck

August 11, 2021

In my 1st Lev Haolam box i received a jar of Drimia honey gone in a day so i ordered more from the Lev Haolam shop online i must try your honey

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