Each Of These Six Teas Represents A Special Place In Israel!

"Shalva" (שלווה) is an ancient Hebrew word for peace and tranquility—a perfect description of Shalva Teas. All of the Shalva Tea blends are naturally caffeine-free and made from herbs that grow around the land of Israel.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May they prosper who love you. Peace (Shalva) be within your walls, Prosperity within your palaces.” Psalm 122:7

It all began nearly ten years ago, when David Ross, a Yale Graduate was in Israel compiling a report on the devastating Mt. Carmel fire. As he examined Israel's ecosystem David noticed many wild herbs covering the hills and valleys. It was then that the idea for Shalva Tea was born. David gathers plants from across Israel and creates calming, soothing, and refreshing tea blends, themed to different locations around the country that have special meaning.

David Ross Shalva Tea

David Ross first fell in love with the wild herbs of Israel around ten years ago

Here's a quick look at those locations and the teas that represent them:

Jerusalem Mountain — Harmonizing and Rich

Jerusalem has been a gathering place, and capital city, for the Jewish people for millennia. The hills surrounding the Eternal City are speckled with fig, pomegranate, and wild almond trees, just as in ancient times. Each spring, they burst into color with pink rose and almond blossoms, then beautiful white olive flowers followed by purple sage. The Jerusalem Harmony blend combines a classic lemongrass and spearmint tea with hints of hibiscus and rose, balanced with olive leaf, carob, and a dash of soothing and aromatic cardamom.

Jerusalem of Green
Old City Jerusalem from the Northeast

Ein Gedi — Nourishing and Savory

We read of Ein Gedi in the Bible as one of the places David lived at, prior to becoming king. (1 Sam. 23–24) Today, it has become one of the most popular nature spots in Israel. It’s an ancient canyon and oasis along the shores of the Dead Sea, and was known in Biblical times as the source of the most rare and fragrant herbs for prized perfumes. The Ein Gedi blend continues that tradition with an earthy and aromatic, nourishing digestive infusion. This tea is perfect for soothing the stomach and is also a vitalizing caffeine-free morning beverage.

Ein Gedi Spring
Ein Gedi Spring

Elah Valley — Soothing and Uplifting

The Elah Valley, named for the abundance of wild “elah” (pistachio) trees that dot the landscape, is perhaps most famous for the epic battle of David and Goliath. From late winter through mid-summer it is home to a huge array of wildflowers, from pink almond blooms to bright blue lupines. The Elah Valley tea blend is an uplifting and naturally sweet blend, with fragrant hints of peppermint and rose. The licorice helps soothe the throat, while rose hip and sumac contribute to a light citrus taste and add Vitamin C.

Arava Valley — Calming and Sweet

This tea is named after the Arava valley which was a stop along the ancient incense route connecting the Middle East with Africa. Nestled far below sea level, the Arava is home to an array of aromatic herbs. Shalva’s Calming Chamomile-Lavender blend is perfect before bed, for an upset stomach, or whenever you just need to relax.

Six Shalva Teas

We are privileged to offer you all six of Shalva's Tea blends

Carmel Forest — Bold and Rejuvenating

In history, Mt. Carmel was the site of Elijah’s triumph over the priests of Baal. The Bible also refers to it for its beauty and rich soil. It sits along the coast, and today is home to Israel’s largest national park, surrounded by a magnificent forest of pine, cypress, and eucalyptus. The coastal climate and varied elevation allows for an abundance of wild medicinal herbs. This tea is ideal for cold weather, or to give your system a boost.

Mount Arbel

Mt. Arbel, a mountain overlooking the Sea of Galilee

Galilee Hillside — Refreshing and Robust

The Galilee region of northern Israel, encompassing the Sea of Galilee, is a stunning landscape of healing wild herbs and flowers tucked among springs, terraced olive groves and wide valleys. The Shalva Refreshing Olive Leaf-Lemonbalm infusion is an invigorating blend with a bold and robust lemony flavor. It's a great tea for any time of day.

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