The beautiful results of Patience and Inspiration

"Don't waste your time or money." It's what newlyweds Erez and Vered heard when they wanted to begin planting vineyards on the mountains of Samaria. Now almost thirty years later, they are producing some of the world's best wines and olive oil.

Patience and Inspiration is the motto of Tura Wine and Olive Oil, and it's a fitting synopsis of the story of Erez and Vered ben Sa’adon. In the mid-nineties, they started with almost nothing, moving from coastal Israel to Judea and Samaria. Today their lush vineyards and olive groves dot the landscape from Shiloh to Har Bracha.

Tura Sign

Tura Winery Entrance Sign in Rechelim, Israel.

Fulfilling the prophecies of Jeremiah

Their journey into agriculture began in one of Israel’s coastal cities, where Erez and Vered could see the mountains of Samaria in the distance. It was around this time that their understanding of biblical prophecies began to deepen, specifically what the prophet Jeremiah had spoken, thousands of years earlier, of a day yet to come: “You shall yet plant vines on the mountains of Samaria”

“Again you will plant vineyards on the mountains of Samaria; The planters will plant and enjoy the fruit." —Jeremiah 31:5

Using the money from their wedding, Erez and Vered set off for the mountains of Samaria to bring life to Jeremiah’s words. First though, they sent a soil sample to be tested to see how suitable it was for grape growing. The results that came back were not encouraging. The Land hadn’t been cultivated for thousands of years, and it seemed foolish to hope that grapevines would be successful right away. But the Ben Sa’adons were not deterred; they began planting vineyards, which in turn grew! The reddish clay soil of the Samarian mountains turned out to provide a perfect environment for the vines, and later, the olive trees that they planted.

Olive Trees in Shiloh

Olive trees with community of Shiloh visible in the background

Despite their early success in planting flourishing vineyards, the early days of Tura were anything but a walk in the park. Erez and Vered started out selling their grapes to other wineries, but faced a crisis when they lost one of their major clients due to pressures from anti-Israel groups. It was then that they purchased four oak barrels and pinned their hopes on making their own wines. We really wish we could offer you their wines too, but we are thrilled to bring you another of their award-winning products: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Creating an amazing olive oil

Tura olive oil is made using a blend of Barnea, Picual, and Arbequina olives. In addition to having an amazing flavor, Tura’s location makes it special as well. Theirolive press and many of their trees are located in Shiloh. In ancient times, this is where olives were grown to produce oil for the lights of the Tabernacle. For 369 years, Israel gathered in Shiloh three times a year for the pilgrimage festivals.

This special blend brings out the pleasant taste of olive oil with a robust, fresh, and fruity taste. It’s a very versatile oil—splash it on your salads, sautee your veggies, fry some eggs… the list goes on and on. Here at Blessed Buy Israel, we also love to use it as a dip for bread, often sprinkling in some Za’atar and jalapeños.

★ Excellent aroma when hot in a pan for sautéing veggies. Lovely for dipping bread, on salads, and a noticeable improvement to the taste of breads. This olive oil has a lasting light flavour that reminds me of fresh air on a snowy morning or spring day. Not only will you find your family blessed, but also guests. Enjoy! —Kirstie T.

 A superb extra virgin olive oil for a variety of uses

This olive oil is the real deal

In a world plagued with fake olive oil, we are privileged to offer you the real deal: some of the very finest extra virgin olive oil. When you buy Tura oil you get a superb product. But beyond that, you are investing in Erez and Vered ben Sa’adon’s vision to restore the Land of Israel and sticking it to the BDS movement. The Land of Israel is being restored every day by God’s faithful people. Here’s an awesome opportunity for you to get involved!

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3 Responses

Jeff Purner

Jeff Purner

June 27, 2022

I’ve been getting Tura olive oil for years and it is one of the best! It has such a great flavor, I use it on everything. My favorite though is to give it as gift so someone else can share in this great olive oil.

Joseph and Diane Burns

Joseph and Diane Burns

February 16, 2022

We have sent BBI olive oil to friends as gifts & they love it. Thank you for causing prophecy to have substance. Shalom !

B. J.  Lee

B. J. Lee

February 16, 2022

Where can I find your olive oil living in Texas?

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