A beautiful vision of wholeness: Simcha and Rachel Gluck from Salves of Jerusalem

“We're about God inspired values, we’re about herbal remedies and the beauty of nature… as a creation of God; to weave it all together, combining Torah, herbalism, the Land of Israel, the people of Israel, the Torah of Israel, and the flavors of Israel—together in a beautiful blend—it's an all-encompassing experience.” — Simcha and Rachel Gluck, Salves of Jerusalem

In 2020, as the world was reeling from Coronavirus and all that came with it, we made some awesome new friends in Jerusalem. Simcha and Rachel Gluck of Salves of Jerusalem are an incredible couple with a passion for the Land of Israel, Godly values, and herbal remedies.

The Glucks are a visionary family, and we immediately fell in love with Simcha, Rachel and their three boys. Their journey together began more than twenty years ago in the United States, with a vision to return to Israel as soon as they could. About five years later, they made the move; we met with them in their beautiful home in a Jerusalem neighborhood overlooking the Temple Mount on one side, and the Judean Mountains and the Dead Sea on the other.

The Gluck family, a few years ago, dressed up for Purim

Simcha and Rachel are filled with contagious energy and passion in their mission to discover and share the connections between nature and health, especially in relation to the Land of Israel. They shared with us a message focused on family values and spreading godliness.

Theirs is a beautiful story of trust in Gods’ plan of redemption amid hardships. Simcha and Rachel shared candidly with us about their struggles, initially, with infertility and then the battle for their middle son who overcame a rare cancer.

Through the difficult times, they seized the opportunity to dive deeper into natural remedies and cures. When a friend gave them some homemade salve, they were amazed at the effect it had on their skin. Many people often forget that the skin is the body’s largest organ, and what we put on it can have big effects on our overall health. And not only are the salves amazing on the skin, they have a scent that is refreshing and uplifting.

The products they make are of the highest quality. Simcha and Rachel and their boys work to make the salves and balms from scratch “We soak our herbs for months and months,” Simcha told us, “it really brings out the floral quality and all the medicinal values of the herbs and the flowers going into the oils that we use to make the salves.” They know the source of all of the ingredients that go into the salves, like the extra virgin olive oil produced by friends of theirs, or the organic herbs, also grown in Israel.

The Pandemic Hits

When the pandemic hit, and travel became difficult, the Glucks felt God shifting the message for them to become more “micro,” focusing more on family values. “God was shifting his message to us and saying you guys gotta be a lot more micro, a lot more family-centric and really focused on your family vision and family values. I don't mean just our little family of five, I mean our larger family, our Jewish family, our family of Israel, our family of humanity around the world—there's different scales and levels to it.”

The Finest Israel Products

“Bring people healing through what God put into nature… for us knowing that Israel is the center, being able to source at the center, and then send it out is really awesome.” Simcha and Rachel told us, “People tell us they feel the healing energy in it, not just the ingredients, they really feel the vibes… you have to see the success stories that we get. People write us literally every single day”

The two products we carry are the Herbal Family Salve, and the Magic Muscle Balm.

The Family Salve is a wonderful choice for a multitude of uses, from head to toe. It’s an expert combination of oils, beeswax, herbs and essential oils to nurture your skin. It’s a beautiful picture too, seeing the love the Gluck family puts into their products to create something precious for your family! Their three young boys are also involved, helping package the salves, or running around outside looking for small Jerusalem stones the Glucks sometimes include in the packages.

Herbal Family Salve and Magic Muscle Balm

We're so privileged to offer you the Magic Muscle Balm and Herbal Family Salve

“We're forbidden to make [the exact Temple incense], but the frankincense and the myrrh and all these different ingredients that Torah recommends for really high level living are basically inculcated in the salves that we make and that's really important to us… We feel like we're providing people medicinal herbal miracles sourced in the Holy Land.”

★★★★★ Incredibly gentle, awesome smell! I have used moisturizing skin balms for years, mostly expensive "designer" ones. This one is by far THE BEST I've ever used. Thick enough to impart moisture without being greasy. Can be used on face and even in sensitive personal areas with no negative side effects. I even used a tiny drop on my dry hair ends - to excellent effect. And it smells delicious! Already on my Buy Again list! — Cheryl D. 

The Magic Muscle Balm is an amazing product to soothe aches and pains. It contains ingredients such as Arnica, extra virgin olive oil, and essential oils including peppermint to bring relief to sore muscles.

★★★★★ Great pain reliever I use this on my neck area after work and it relieves muscle pain and calms down inflammation. — Lorrie P. 

Simcha and Rachel also offer encouragement to others during these times, “We can get a lot of solace from the fact that God is even more with us today than ever before, though we are going through some dark times. We gotta know that we're almost on the other side of it, and on the other side of it, oh my goodness, the amount of light that's going to flow… is not only light, but the original light that God created…”

We have been so blessed to get to know Simcha and Rachel and their family and are thrilled to be able to share their incredible story and products with you! When you use Salves of Jerusalem, you are not just enjoying awesome Israeli products, you are also sharing a beautiful vision of wholeness and restoration with the Gluck Family!

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Jodi kutz

Jodi kutz

November 16, 2022

Amazing salves! Amazing Costomer care! Great gift for that hard to buy for person. Thank you Rachel for always going out of your way to meet my needs. Blessings 🙏🏻

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