A labor of love: Creating the best Organic Spices in the Middle East

Several of us stood in the fields of Hamra—a small Jewish community in the middle of the Jordan Valley—with Liran Grosz, a second-generation farmer who had taken over the dream that his father had started—growing organic herbs and produce in the rocky and barren hills of Samaria. As we walked along, Liron would occasionally reach out and grab a handful of herbs from the different fields we walked through, encouraging us to press them to our noses, and offering us a taste of each.

“These are the best quality organic herbs in the entire Middle East” was his refrain. To be honest, by the end of the tour of the farm, I was beginning to believe him. It wasn’t just his likable and persuasive nature, or the fact that he had a beautiful organic farm of delicious smelling, and tasting, herbs. It was seeing the passion for his product and his passion for the land of Israel that drove it home for me. The farm is Liron’s pride and joy, and he is driven to produce the very best, with the highest of standards.

Joseph and Zipporah Grosz started Organica Farms on 1/2 an acre in 1992. Today the farm has grown to over 40 acres, and is managed by their children.

Small beginnings

Organica farms began in 1992, when Liron's father, Joseph, planted organic lemongrass on 1/2 acre of land. Today, that operation has grown to many different kinds of herbs on more than 40 acres! They still abide by the same principles they began with, keeping everything completely organic from start to finish.

Coming in from the fields to the main office of Organica Farms, we were immediately invited for cups of delicious tea from their farm—Israeli hospitality at its finest! We were inspired to hear their family story, and the continued determined passion that Liron and his sister Limor have to keep their parent’s vision alive.

Every part of the farm is marked by wonderful pungent odors from plants like rosemary, or the uniquely-Israeli white savory. Much of the work around Grosz farms is done by hand, from weeding to harvesting. The plants are watered with pure well water. Liron explained how these methods give them higher oil yields per plant than commercial farming operations.These earth-friendly and sustainable practices have resulted in some incredibly flavorful products.

The once-barren hills of Israel are alive because of people like the Grosz family.

"The best spices in the Middle East"

One such product is the popular spice mix Za’atar. This seasoning is popular for good reason—it’s delicious and extremely versatile, going well with many dishes. The Za’atar from Organica is the perfect blend of hyssop, sesame seeds and other delicious spices, to elevate a wide variety of your dishes. A Google search for "Recipes with Za'atar" comes back with over three million ways to incorporate this spice into your dishes!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I love this spice blend, especially the extra sesame seeds in it compared to other za’atar seasonings. I use it on cream cheese toast/bagel with sliced tomato and cucumber. When I make lamb tacos, I use it on the lamb. It brings back memories of being in Israel.” —Sarah K.

The unique Israeli spice mentioned earlier, white savory, or, Zoota Levona is widely used in tea, but its lemony, mint flavor works great as a spice for cooked dishes as well! In addition, we’re privileged to offer you hyssop, rosemary and oregano.

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Za'atar is a flavorful and versatile spice, going well with many types of dishes!

A Labor of Love

Without people like Liron and Limor, the land of Israel would simply return to becoming another arid, dusty, barren stretch of sand—a common sight in surrounding Middle Eastern countries. But their will to continue, despite being in a community where most of the younger people are leaving for bigger and better opportunities, shows how much they love what they do and their love and care for the literal earth of the Land of Israel. Farming the land of Israel is not easy, it’s a labor of love. A lot of the old kibbutzim of Israel are beginning to die out as the younger generation moves on seeking other ventures and adventures. But the few who stay are there simply because they love and are connected to the soil of the biblical Land of Israel.

What Liron and Limor are doing is far from a get-rich-quick scheme, rather it is a yearly cycle of loving care. It’s no more true than in Israel, that when you take care of the ground, then the ground will take care of you. This family of farmers recognizes this truth and are investing their passion, time and energy into making the Land of Israel like the garden of Eden once again!

Hard at work in the fields!

Taste the produce of the restored Biblical Heartland and make Israel a part of your everyday routine. Believe me, your body and soul will thank you for partaking in the amazing and wonderful products coming from the very soil upon which the Biblical forefathers and prophets walked! Join us in investing in the work of these passionate people and see the land of Israel once again flourish as in the days of old!

Know that whenever you order spices from Organica Farms, the best of the Land of Israel will soon be arriving at your door!

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4 Responses

Dianna Tootill

Dianna Tootill

April 14, 2024

I have been to Israel 3 times. It is an experience that is absolutely wonderful! I may not get there again but I treasure every photo and memory!

~ A. J. ~

~ A. J. ~

March 13, 2024

~ I just purchased 2 jars of the za’atar b/c I was running low on what I had. Boy, am I glad I ordered za’atar from Grosz Farms. A few days ago, I made a large pan of shakshukah (my favourite breakfast dish) using their za’atar. Even sprinkled some mozzarella cheese on top for fun. It was awesome. From now on, I will buy all my spices from BBI. The best on the market! Blessings, Shalom to my “family” in Judea & Samaria. ~



July 11, 2023

I really appreciate hard work, also I encountered by this story, Adonai bless you all

Kirstie Thompson

Kirstie Thompson

July 02, 2023

I truly enjoyed the story. Seeing a vision become a reality in the land of Israel is very center of my heart. It’s wonderful to see restoration of the land with such dedication and love. Thank you for sharing Liron’s family story. Looking forward to trying their products. Shalom

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