Israel's Continuous Fight Against Antisemitism Shows Why Your Support Is So Important.

 There are people in the United States and around the globe who support Israel. Most Christians support Israel vocally and through prayers, although some churches have joined the boycott, divestment, and sanction (BDS) movement against Israel. But as events continue to unfold around us, it's no longer enough to just vocally support the Land and people of Israel, it's a time for action.

Today we see attacks against Israel from around the world—from a spike in antisemitism to EU and UN resolutions— as the world largely stands in opposition to the people that God has brought back to the land he promised to them. Earlier this year the United Nations published a blacklist of companies that are conducting business in the “Occupied Palestinian Territory,” or as we know it, Judea and Samaria. The report was an attempt to promote the BDS movement and delegitimize Jews returning to rebuild the ancient heartland of Israel.

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In response to the list published by the UN, last week the Israeli government suspended issuing or declined to renew any visas for employees of the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. The decision builds on an Israeli law passed in 2017, which gives the government discretion to block entry to those who are involved in activities against the Jewish State. It ensures that people and organizations who stand opposed and seek to delegitimize the nation of Israel are not allowed into the country to promote an anti-Israel agenda or organization.

We have reached a time in the world where people must make a choice to stand up for Israel and make a difference through supporting the families living in Judea and Samaria who the whole world basically stands in opposition to. The people the world calls "settlers" and claims are stealing the land from the Palestinians are in reality families trying to resettle their religious and historic homeland and take a stand on the promises of God.

They need our support, especially in a time when COVID-19 has made it difficult for their businesses to survive, and people around the world continue to turn against them. It's time for each one of us to get involved in the work of restoration and redemption that God is doing in Israel and around the world today.

Whatever that looks like for you, whether it's coming to the land of Israel to get involved first hand, or purchasing the products of the courageous pioneers living in the heartland of Israel, God has a part for you to play and he is calling you to stand against the nations who are raging against the Lord and against his anointed.

Join in to support the courageous pioneers in Judea and Samaria by purchasing their amazing products.

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yosi balas

yosi balas

November 06, 2020

This is not occupied territory and, it is the west bank because the Jordan does have TWO BANKS! The Land of Israel includes both.

Rachel Krieger

Rachel Krieger

November 06, 2020

As a Jew and growing up in Israel as a Child, My parents and I a year old arrived in Israel in 1948 I was born in a DP camp in Germany and my parents survived Auschwitz, I know Israel in the beginning, as a child it was freedom and fresh air that nurtured me. I donate when I can and am very verbal through Facebook and personnel one on one. I would still be there had I had a choice, we moved to US in 1960. I love Israel with all my heart, as a Travel professionel I recommend Israel always.

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