Here are our top-selling products of 2021!

#1. Tura Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It came as no surprise to see Tura Oil here again this year: it's a top-notch product, made by a wonderful family business, in a special place!

#2. Wildflower Honey

The wildflower is everyone's favorite out of the four we offer. It was pretty close though between this one and the Citrus Honey. 

#3. Moisturizing Hand Cream

Who doesn't love having smooth, refreshed hands? This is our #1 selling cosmetic for a good reason!

#4. Lavender Dead Sea Mud Soap

Like the honeys, this soap is one among several (10) that we offer! It barely beat the Pomegranate Soap.

#5. Turkish Coffee: Spiced Blend

This is one of the new products we began offering in 2021, and it seems you all love it as much as we do!

#6. Ya'ara Pure Honey Skincare

We can understand what people love about this pure honey skincare! It's an all-natural product to nourish your skin, made by an awesome family.

#7. Jerusalem Salad Mix

This salad spice is a great way to bring the amazing tastes of Israel into your home!

Honorable Mention at 14th place: