Passover Sale! Olive Oil 25% Off. Rejoice this season with products from Judea and Samaria

It’s the season of cleaning up our lives and homes. Passover is just around the corner and we’d like to offer you some special prices on products from Judea and Samaria, to help you celebrate this joyous time. Head over to the store and enjoy a 25% discount on Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Shiloh, plus discounts on soap, honey, and more!

Olive Oil 25% Off

It's the time of year to clean up our houses and our lives. Enjoy the finest natural soaps from Saboneto at a discount - 15% off

Enjoy Organic, Raw, and Unfiltered honey from Israel's Judean hills - 15% off

Date Syrup (Silan) made from Organic Medjool dates - 15% off

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