The Olive Tree — a Message of Lasting Peace

The depiction of a flying dove carrying an olive branch has been a symbol of peace since its original inception during the time of Noah. In Noah’s time a tremendous God-sent, sin-purging deluge destroyed the entire world. The image of a dove returning to Noah with an olive branch in its beak was Noah’s first sure sign that things were going to be alright. 

Since the times of Noah the olive tree has been a reminder of the faithfulness of God to His promises. The olive tree is one of the hardiest trees in the world with several today over 2,000 years old! In the Bible we read of olive oil being used to establish covenants, consecrate holy items, anoint kings, priests, and prophets, offer sacrifices, preserve the dead, and as medicine for injuries and wounds. 

All of this comes from one tree. It was by no mistake the branch in the dove’s mouth happened to be an olive stem. God’s message to Noah was a message of lasting peace, healing and promise.

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2 Responses

 Bridget Frederick

Bridget Frederick

November 06, 2020

The messages and pictures are encouraging. Please continue to send them. Shalom.

Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker

October 25, 2020

Ben, I love this picture and message. Thank you!!

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