How could it happen? Removing baseless hatred from our own hearts.

Today we observe Yom HaShoah—Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this day we are reminded of the 6 million Jews (1.5 million estimated to have been Jewish children) who lost their lives only because of the unchangeable fact that they happened to be Jewish. Scholars and Historians have theorized concerning behind-the-scenes reasons as to what allowed the Holocaust and persecution of Jews to happen in the first place. What most people don’t want to do is critically examine and look at themselves.

You see, there has been a plague, a cancer within the heart of humanity that has not been uprooted which caused the Holocaust and is bringing tragedy to our Modern day. What is this cancer called? Sinat Chinam—Baseless hatred. This internal plague has led to the deaths of too many to count yet we refuse to look inside and change ourselves. (I recognize that there are some irreconcilable differences in the cultural world, but we need not agree in order to show love and compassion to everyone.)

The first murder in history was between brothers. The baseless hate of Cain against his brother Abel was preventable. God Himself showed up and told Cain, “If you do well, will you not be accepted? [Behold] sin lies at the door…but you should rule over it.” Sin leads to Death, Hate leads to Murder, and unchecked hearts are breeding grounds, which allow these things to thrive. A checked heart is a healthy heart.

May we all look internally in order to change ourselves, and simultaneously keep our eyes open to the needs and hurts of the people around us. Many people look at the disorder of the world and ask, “Where is God?” I believe God is asking, “Where are my people?” Be a light, shine it bright and may we all soon see the end of this world’s dark, stormy night!

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sherrie hurwitz-sicam

sherrie hurwitz-sicam

April 12, 2021

So beautifully said. Thank you for your insight.

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