Another amazing extra virgin olive oil from the Heartland of Israel is here! 🇮🇱

The Perfect Olive Oil for your Kitchen 🍽️

This delightful organic extra virgin oil is here to elevate your dishes, whether you're making a fresh caprese salad, or roasting some scrumptious meats and veggies.

Don't stop there though, it goes great on hummus, as a bread dip, a superb frying oil—the list goes on and on!The delicious taste and aroma of Einot Kedem Extra Virgin Olive Oil are here from Israel to enhance and enrich your culinary cravings!

A Beautiful Family Story

The story of Einot Kedem begins in 2004, when Omer and Na'ama moved to the Jordan valley with nothing but a tractor, a horse and lots of love and dedication.

Now, 19 years later, that love and dedication has resulted in seven children, and a thriving farm that produces the most wonderful products!