Supporting Israel is EZ—A look at Economic Zionism

Let's look at what a Zionist is first. A Zionist is someone who supports Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel. The beginnings of the modern Zionism came in the late 19th century as Jews began returning in large numbers, many of them fleeing persecution in Russia.

Oh, that the salvation of Israel would come out of Zion! When the Lord brings back the captivity of His people, Let Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad. Psalm 14:7

Men like Theodor Herzl helped organize the first Zionist Congress, in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897. The movement also received encouragement from some Christians, such as the Reverend William Hechler. The Zionist Congress was a big step in transforming the hope and dream of so many Jews into reality. They adopted the Basel Program, which included this phrase: “Zionism aims at establishing for the Jewish people a publicly and legally assured home in Palestine.” 

Israel's Ministry of Foreign affairs explains their use of the term Palestine: "Palestine" was used at that time as a purely geographical term, with all residents, including the Jews living there, called Palestinians. The area itself was actually under Ottoman rule." 

 Some fifty years later, the Jewish State was at long last established. The necessity of Zionism to continue as a movement was obvious, especially as Israel came under increasing attack from antisemites at large. Zionism is support of the Jewish peoples' right to self-determination—that is, freedom to determine their own government and destiny, without outside interference—in the Promised Land of Israel.

Opportunities to be a Zionist

Being a Zionist takes on many forms—there are so many ways to stand with Israel! We all can, and should, pray for Israel. Visiting Israel is a big way to put Zionism into action. Advocating for Israel in your circles and the public square is another important activity.

Our focus is on Economic Zionism—supporting the Jewish People in the Land of Israel by strengthening their economy. Specifically, we look to provide people with an opportunity to invest in the small businesses and families in one of the world's most hotly contested areas: Judea and Samaria. The world wants to tear this crucial region of Israel—the biblical heartland—away and turn it into a Jew-free Palestinian State.

But against the odds of world condemnation and terrorism, there are many Jews in Judea and Samaria holding fast to the Land God promised them—and promised they would rebuild and restore. Put frankly, an Economic Zionist is someone who backs up their proclaimed support of Israel with their wallet. It makes a very real difference for Israelis who are staking their livelihood on the Land of Israel flourishing.

It makes an impact for people like Batya Erdstein, an amazing ceramics artist, who moved to the middle of nowhere near Itamar, to connect to the Land. Your purchases of ceramics empower Batya and her husband Baruch to bring up their six children in the biblical heartland, and continue to plant trees—so far they've planted hundreds!

 Some pioneers of the biblical heartland!

Your purchase of olive oil equips Erez and Vered ben Sa'adon, and others, to expand their businesses, to plant more trees, claiming more Land for the Jewish People. And the list goes on and on. You have the opportunity to be part of these beautiful stories of faith and redemption simply by buying their products.

The hope is that one day Israel will have full sovereignty over all the areas promised to them by God. Economic Zionists play a big part in this by strengthening Jewish control of Israel. Economic Zionism is a forceful response to the boycott (BDS) movement and to the antisemitism that slanders Israel and murders innocents in the streets. It's about saying no to bullying and terrorism, and yes to something incredibly beautiful—Israel thriving, and the Land being at peace!

We hope this is encouraging to you to make a difference wherever you can, for Zion's Sake. There are so many exciting things happening in Israel today—the Bible is alive!—and the invitation is open for all to be a part.

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Misty Woodart

Misty Woodart

June 03, 2023

First thanks to God above so can help the wonderful Jewish ✡️ people in Isreal may one day we all live in peace together spread more love to are family and friends from affair ❤️ 💜…

Joyce Kimber

Joyce Kimber

June 02, 2023

I’ve always been happy to call myself a Christian Zionist and now I’m even happier to call myself an Economic Zionist. All Praise and Glory to Abba Father.

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