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Roots of Eretz Yisrael—A poem by Sarah Feld

Roots of Eretz Yisrael

Eretz Yisrael*,
your roots are planted
deep within me.
Enemies try to wrest you
from me
and to destroy us,
you and me together,
off the earth
 but they can’t.


Eretz Yisrael,
My roots are planted 
deep within you
Evil ones try to distance me 
from you,
to annihilate us,
me and you together,
from this world,
but they can’t.


Eretz Yisrael,
HaShem* is watching over you
even as He set my origins
and my destiny here
We will never part,
me from the Land of my Fathers
nor this Promised Land
from me. 
We can’t.


*Eretz Yisrael—The Land of Israel
*HaShem—name of God, implying kindness
© Sarah Feld, used with permission
From her book Your Voice I See


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