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Anti-Aging Night Cream

Night Cream 50 ML/1.7 fl. oz

Discover the younger you with this sensational Night Cream, which is the result of five years of research.

The natural retinol in this exceptional cream has been proven to increase the production of collagen (preventing and even eliminating wrinkles), boost the rate of cell turnover (giving a bright, soft, luminous-looking skin), and unclog pores (making them look smaller and reducing acne). Working slowly during the night to return your facial skin back to its youthful and fresh state, this night cream is recommended for all skin types. 

Contains: Natural oils of the highest quality (evening primrose, almond, avocado, borage, kukui seed), shea butter, beeswax, chamomile, witch-hazel, spring water, natural retinol, thickening agent, fragrance.It contains no artificial colors, aluminum, or preservatives.

Caution: Retinoid-treated skin is super sensitive to UV rays, and thus more prone to sunburn. Direct unprotected exposure to sunlight also makes the product less effective. Therefore it’s strongly recommended to use this product before bed and apply sunscreen in the morning.