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King David's Harp Necklace

Harp Of King David - Ashira L'HaShem

This piece of jewelry was based on Kings David's Harp, located in the City of David in Jerusalem.

King David would play his harp and sing from his heart in praise of God. We also sing out our love and gratitude for all He has done for us.

Includes 22" sterling silver chain 

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Customer Reviews

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Rebecca M.
King David's Harp Necklace did not disappoint

This necklace is truly a beautiful piece of artwork. I looked at it so many times, I'm happy I bought it. Makes me think of King David and the Psalms when I wear it. I love supporting Israel and BBI has many wonderful, quality products.

Mary R.S.
Beautiful Looking piece

Indeed the necklace is beautiful! My question is the Hebrew letters. "Song for Go'd Sake" Hashira L'HaShem. I don't see those hebrew letters - an alef instead of a heh,(another heh missing) and only one shin, and no mem sofit for HaShem. Is there a way I should be reading it differently?

Mary B.
Beautiful necklace...WIN, WIN!

I bought this beautiful necklace because of my love of the harp. I have worn it to worship services and received many compliments, which gives me the opportunity to spread the word about Blessed Buy Israel and support of small businesses in Judea and Samaria!

Laura P.

Stunning necklace, elicits many questions and comments, is WAY more beautiful and impactful than the photo does justice to. I'm tempted to buy another piece in the collection, especially since they are on sale price.

Joyce G.
Biblical, Royal History Symbol

King David's Harp Pendant Necklace has a delicate design that is a medium size that with a 20" sterling silver chain will enhance the appearance of an outfit. I was able to find earrings with silver and Roman Glass to wear with the necklace. Both made in Israel.