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Cup - Half Dipped Baruch Blue

Hand Crafted Baruch Blue Cups made by Batya in the hills of Judea and Samaria. Hold a piece of Israel in your hand as you enjoy your coffee or tea!

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Customer Reviews

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Rosemarie U.
Very moving.

The mug with a presence. Found it to hold a lot more than it looks capable of. One finds it best to hold in the left hand if one is right handed.

Sheray M.

Love the shape and feel

Sonya S.
A daily reminder of Israel

This beautiful mug is wonderful reminder to me to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, His people, and The Land He gave to Israel!

Dan M.
Pretty cup, not fit for a man's hand.

The cup is very pretty, but it is not practical for me because it does not fit my thumb and finger. So I can not use it. I need a cup that holds more than 12 ounces.

Bart T.
More Than a Cup

Like Eretz Israel this cup contains more than it seems it could ever hold and the Baruch Blue reminds me, every time I use it, of the ancient history and persistence of a spiritually resonant color. I didn't order these cups to drink from -- although I drink from them every day -- but to be reminded of and connected to my source.