Organica by Nature

Liron Grosz carries on his parents' vision of caring for the land and producing the best organic products (Photo Credit: Screenshot from

Organica by Nature—Grosz Farms was established in 1993 by Josef & Zipporah Grosz. They had a passion to connect to the Land of Israel and tend and bring forth amazing produce. Today, the farm is managed by two of their five children, Liron, and his sister Limor, who carry the same passion.

Their farm sits in a valley, along the road between Galilee and Jerusalem, in Northern Samaria. Their main crops are organic herbs, which they turn into amazing spices and teas.

We were privileged to travel to the farm to meet with Liron and Limor. Liron showed us around the farm in his UTV. We were immediately struck by his strong passion for excellence, and love for what he does. We drove through fields of organic lemongrass, oregano, rosemary and other herbs galore, stopping every few meters as Liron explained more about a particular plant or farming method. At each stop, he would grab a handful of herbs and give them to us to rub in our hands and smell. Every time, we were greeted with a strong, refreshing aroma. Liron told us how their methods—things like careful watering, no pesticides, and sun-drying—cause their plants to have a far higher oil yield than the average crop elsewhere.

Beautiful sights and smells in the valley

Grosz farm makes every effort to produce the best herbs, while taking care of the Land at the same time. When you enjoy the taste of their spices, you can also savor the hard work and love that went into producing them!

Liron carefully oversees and tends to the plants from start to finish. We are privileged to offer you five of the wonderfully potent and tasty spices they produce. Chief among them is Za’atar, the quintessential Middle-Eastern spice. We also bring you their pure Hyssop, a core ingredient of Za’atar. One we’re really excited about is the White Savory, an herb unique to the Middle East! Visit the spices page, to see all of what we offer, and experience the best of Israeli spice from Grosz Farms!