Guy Rilov, Makur Organic Farms


Here’s Makura founder Guy Rilov’s story in his own words:

“My great grandfather, Rabbi Avraham Shlomo Zalman, immigrated to Eretz Israel in 1811. His son, Yoel Moshe Solomon, was one of the seven people that established Nahalat Shiva, the first neighborhood out of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, and he later founded Petah Tikva.For the last 40 years, I have been a farmer at Makura Farm. In 1989, I started cultivating the orchards at Makura organically. We grow eight varieties of olives for table olives and olive oil. We also grow organic avocados, citrus and other subtropical fruits. Makura has established an educational farm that hosts children from all over the country and exposes them to organic farming and environmental protection.”

Makura Farm is located in the heart of an extinct volcano in the Carmel Mountains in Northern Israel. In this magical valley, our precious olive groves have been growing for thousands of years.

The farm specializes in organic farming, with vineyards and orchards of olives, lychees, citrus and avocados. Our organic techniques rely on compost as a substitute for chemical fertilizers, and biologic pest control methods, deploying insects that are effective against pests.

Makura Farm, manages the entire olive oil production process, all the way from the tree to the press! They grow the olives, decide on the optimum time to harvest them, and extract their oil on the same day they are harvested. Makura olive oil is produced using cold-press methods that preserve its quality, its state and its health benefits.

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