Erez and Vered

Erez & Vered Saadon founded the Tura Estate Winery in the village of Rechelim in 2003. Their love for the land and farming, combined with meticulous attention to growing the highest quality olives and cold pressing them using state-of-the-art equipment, yields an award-winning olive oil you will truly savor. Erez was born in Jerusalem, and when he was 18 he moved to the village of Kochav Hashahar, where he served in the IDF’s paratrooper brigade. After his discharge, he knew he would return to working the land, his first love. His wife Vered also grew up in Jerusalem and when she was 15, she met the young man who would later become her husband. They married, and today, they are the proud parents of five children.

In 1997, the young Ben Saadon couple looked for a place to settle down, and they decided to buy land in the Jewish settlement of Bracha. They took the money they received as wedding gifts and invested in the purchase of 20 acres. A member of their community helped to buy the first tractor, another helped in the purchase of grapevines, and volunteers and friends came to plant from sunrise to sunset. After waiting for four years, they sold their grapes for the first time to one of the major Israeli wineries. In the summer of 2003, they opened their own winery and began producing and selling outstanding wine around the country. It became a family business and the entire Ben Sa’adon family took part in the work, including the small children. Very early on in their winemaking venture, they sent their first wine to the "Golden Cluster" competition and surprisingly won the first of many medals won by Tura Winery as the years have progressed.

They also began to produce award-winning olive oil which has been held in high regard all over Israel. As they began to grow olives, Erez knew that choosing the right location and climate was critical to the cultivation of the olives he was looking to produce. For this reason, they chose to plant their olives in the hills of Samaria on the banks of the Shiloh stream, where the rocky Terra Rossa soil, combined with a cool climate and healthy exposure to the sun, produces the high-quality olives Tura requires for all their products. His research led him to create a special blend of three distinct olive varieties, Picual, Barne’a and Arbequina to make Tura's olive oil even more unique. Because of the Saadon family's insistence on excellence, Tura Olive Oil not only has an exceptional taste and health benefits but also has extremely low pH levels of less than 0.3% - much lower than the 0.8% acidity required for extra virgin olive oil.
Erez and Vered's story of faith and dedication is encouraging and deeply inspiring and the amazing products they produce are evidence of God's faithfulness to the Jewish people as they return to and work towards the restoration of their ancient homeland.

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