Community in Focus: Kochav Hashachar "The Morning Star"

The beautiful city of Kochav Hashachar, sits among the rolling hills and mountaintops of the Biblical land of Benjamin. It is most amazing to see this oasis of green amidst the desert rock, which makes up the surrounding landscape. The community was founded in 1980, when nine young couples set out to return to the land of their forefathers with a desire to make this barren desert area bloom. Through the years, with many difficulties and much hard work, the vision of these 9 couples has become a flourishing community of 300+ hardworking, religious families, all dedicated to growing in Torah and to restoring the land of Israel.

Vineyards and Olive Trees Kochav Hashachar

The community of Kochav Hashachar, an oasis in the desert

The Yeshiva (Jewish High School) within the community is called “Ahavat Chaim—Love of Life” a fitting representation of the community’s commitment to pursue the journey of life intentionally with emphasis on the upcoming generation of young people. With parks, gardens and playgrounds scattered across this beautiful community, one can sense the love these people have for their children who are experiencing, many as 1st generation natives, the land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The people of this city have a strong sense of entrepreneurship, with manufacturing jobs, farming, construction, and last but certainly not least, a soap-making factory! Shlomo Keshet, the founder and main man for Adva soap—which hires individuals with special needs from the surrounding area—is located in this community as well! The community of Kochav HaShachar believes that every individual has a place within the restoration of the Land of Israel!

Shlomo and Didi Adva Soap

Shlomo and Didi working together at Adva Soaps, in Kochav Hashachar

With ruins in the surrounding area dating back to the times of the 1st Temple, the people of this community have a rich history and deep connection to this city, as it sits on one of the ancient roads which led up to Jerusalem, not 20 miles away.

Cave outside Kochav HashacharMany caves dot the landscape around Kochav Hashachar


This community’s goal is to truly become a “Kochav Hashachar—A Morning Star” leading the way to the restoration of the world through innovation, entrepreneurship and love! Believe me, when you step into this city you feel the warmth of this wonderful, tight-knit community that together is working till the day when “A star shall come forth from Jacob...” the Messiah the one we await, and whose coming we all work toward!


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