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Pomegranate of Abundance

The pomegranate is celebrated as a symbol of health, fruitfulness, abundance and eternal life. It has come to symbolize the wonder that is Israel. The pendant holds a semi-precious stone: choose between pearl and amethyst.

Approximate Size: 1 1/4" x 1" 
Wt. 7.5 g.
Includes 18" sterling silver chain

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
My wife loves it!

The necklace is very beautiful! The order process was very easy and convenient and took only just a bit more than a week to get delivered here in Canada.

Thank you so much for this beautiful necklace, Sarah! We both love pomegranates and are for Israel! My wife absolutely loves it. What makes it even more meaningful is that it this is from Israel, the apple of God's eye, and we wish to continue to support you for real. Am Yisrael Chai!

Kirk B.

Love it ,thanks

Ann S.

I thought it was great....I recently returned from Israel and was delighted to receive it as well as an order for different kinds of honey and soaps. These were my gifts and I'd encourage all to not worry about how heavy presents are...order in advance and handout when you get back. Let Blessed Buy do your shopping...Oh and the mug! It was just beautiful and what a great price!

Joyce G.
Artistic Beauty

"Pomegranate of Abundance," pendant necklace looks refined, artistic, unique, beautiful. Arrived on a short, sterling silver chain that showed off the pendant to good effect. The pendant I ordered came with a pearl. Like wearing jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also represents biblical symbolism. Happy with purchase.

Gregory W.
Beautiful Jewelry!

Highly recommend this jewelry. I was in Hebron back in 2018 and got some of this jewelry in person for my wife which brought me to this place to purchase this as well. Many thanks and blessings for this wonderful necklace! Highly recommend! :)