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Adanim Tea

Ariel Alon with Adanim tea


In the early 1980s my father, Hanoh Alon  was a professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, he then decided to make a switch in his job about 5 years after moving to Ofra in Samaria.

He decided to start growing organic medicinal herbal tea and making unique blends. First, he grew the herbs on half an acre, picked and dried them on the roof of our home, then cut them and made the wonderful blends.

He believed that  cultivating specific aromatic herbs that  were native to Israel’s soil and climate would lead to the  production of exquisite herbal tea flavors. 

Professor Alon’s theory succeeded and his unique herbal tea products prospered. Family and friends were delighted to taste such delicate, delicious flavors as Adanim began to grow and thrive. Over the years, this small family business has turned into an established and reputable tea company, while remaining true to its origins.  Most Adanim teas are organic and those that are not  comply with strict international standards. 

Professor Alon has since retired, leaving his son Ariel to continue in his passion. Talking to Ariel, he told us his goal is to put Israel on the map through continuing to create excellent quality, fine, organic tea. Have a cup of tea straight from Israel, the modern garden of Eden; and as you smell the fragrance and taste the satisfying flavor, think on the words of Joshua and Caleb “it is an exceedingly good land!”

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