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Tura Olive Oil



Erez & Vered Ben-Sadon's family’s love for the land and yearning to create the finest olive oil possible have made their extra virgin olive oil one of the finest in the world. To accomplish this, they use the finest olives from the mountains of Israel combined with the latest equipment and the highest quality standards to maintain their reputations as one of the best olive oils in the world. Their olive groves are on the banks of the ancient Shiloh stream in Israel, rooted in the rocky terra rossa soil with a cool climate and healthy exposure to the sun. The uniqueness of the Tura olive oil is reflected in its low pH level (up to 0.3% only), much lower than the required level of acidity for extra virgin olive oil. Tura Olive Oil is the place History meets Prophecy!


 Erez was born in Jerusalem, his parents were from Morocco and Iran. At a young age  he  moved to the village of Kochav Hashahar, Where he served in the IDF’s paratrooper  brigade. After his discharge he knew he would return to working the land, his first love.  Erez is an entrepreneur, a man of dreams and vision who sees the big picture and is  meticulous about details. 

 His wife Vered’s family history is particularly impressive: her Jewish grandmother,  Liesje  de Vries, was 15 years old when World War II hit the Netherlands. During the war years,  the family moved from one hiding place to another. At first Liesje was  separated from  her family and lived for a while on an island in northern Holland. Read  More...



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